An In-Depth Reviews of Pride Car Shipping Services

An In-Depth Reviews of Pride Car Shipping Services

Pride Car Shipping is a car shipping company often praised for its excellent customer service and reasonable prices, which garners recommendations and repeat business from satisfied customers.” Pride Car Shipping has carved a niche in the auto transport industry, offering reliable, efficient, and affordable services for over half a decade. The company has garnered praise for its diverse services and exceptional customer service. This article delves into an in-depth Reviews of Pride Car Shipping Services and what makes them a preferred choice for many.

User Testimonials About Pride Car Shipping

Several customers have shared their experiences, praising the company for its excellent service and cost-effectiveness. One user highlighted the company’s reasonable pricing and exemplary service. Another lauded the dispatcher, Olivia, for her professionalism and responsiveness. Yet another customer mentioned how Gabby made the whole process smooth and kept them well-informed. The majority of users found communication with the company’s agents to be quick and effective.

However, one user expressed disappointment, stating that after signing a contract at a given price, the company later informed them that they would need to hire a new driver and the cost would increase by $240.

Highlights of Pride Car Shipping Services

Door-to-Door Auto Transport

Understanding that time is of the essence in today’s fast-paced world, Pride Car Shipping offers a convenient door-to-door service. They will collect your car from your chosen location and deliver it to your desired destination, saving you the hassle of visiting a shipping terminal.

Secure Enclosed Vehicle Transport

If you own a luxury, classic, or car that needs extra care, their enclosed auto transport service is ideal for you. This service offers heightened security and ensures your vehicle arrives at its destination in the same state it was when loaded. They possess a range of specially designed enclosed trailers for this purpose.

Open Auto Transport Service

Pride Car Shipping also provides open auto transport for those looking for a more economical option. Though it might appear riskier, the company employs stringent measures such as up-to-date equipment like padded load bars and weather-resistant tarps. Their drivers are well-trained and avoid rough terrains to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Using Pride Car Shipping

Step 1: Obtain a Custom Quote

When you contact Pride Car Shipping, you must provide basic details about your car, including its make, model, and pickup and drop-off locations. Based on this, they will offer you a personalized quote.

Step 2: Arrange the Shipment

There is no need to alter your daily routine to accommodate your car’s shipping schedule. Pride Car Shipping is flexible and will coordinate with you to select a suitable pickup time.

Step 3: The Pickup and Delivery Process

A professional driver will come to the designated pickup location on the scheduled day. After securely loading your car onto the transport vehicle, they will keep you updated throughout the transit period. Your car will be safely unloaded and handed over to you upon arrival.

Pride Car Shipping Customer Reviews: Hear it from the Horse’s Mouth

They are wondering what other customers have to say. Well, the reviews are in, and they’re overwhelmingly positive! Customers rave about their professional and responsive dispatchers like Olivia and Gabby, who make the process a breeze. They also appreciate the excellent communication and prompt service. Though, it’s worth noting that some customers have reported price adjustments due to unforeseen driver changes.

Reviews of Pride Car Shipping:

  • “Very pleased with the service and reasonable prices,” one reviewer noted.
  • Another mentioned, “Transported my diesel truck from California to Virginia in just four days at a reasonable cost.”
  • A satisfied customer shared, “Great experience with Olivia and her team, even on a route with limited availability.”
  • “Professional care and speedy service when shipping a car from Idaho to Kansas,” according to another review.
  • “Prompt responses and professional, affordable service,” said one customer.
  • One reviewer stated, “I’d choose Pride Car Shipping as my first call.”
  • Finally, a reviewer enthusiastically recommended, “100% would recommend Pride Car Shipping.”

In Conclusion

Pride Car Shipping is committed to delivering high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective vehicle transport services. Their variety of service options and customer-centric approach make them a top choice for auto shipping needs. Contact them today to arrange your car’s transport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long has Pride Car Shipping been in the business?

A: Pride Car Shipping has been in the industry for over five years, providing reliable and cost-effective services.

Q: Do they offer enclosed auto transport?

A: Yes, they offer enclosed auto transport for high-end or sensitive vehicles requiring extra care and protection.

What measures do they take for open auto transport?

They use well-maintained equipment like padded load bars and weather-resistant tarps for open auto transport to secure and protect your car.

How flexible are they with pickup and delivery times?

Pride Car Shipping works closely with customers to schedule convenient pickup and delivery times, making the process hassle-free.

Are there any hidden fees or charges?

While most customers have reported satisfaction with the pricing, reading your contract carefully is advisable. One customer mentioned a price increase due to a change in driver companies.

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