EDH Power Level Calculator: The Strength Dragon Highlander Deck

EDH Power Calculator The Strength Dragon Highlander Deck

Are you searching for an efficient online EDH (Elder Dragon Highlander) Power Calculator? If you are an avid Magic The Gathering player, chances are you’re familiar with the immensely popular Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH) format, also known as Commander. An EDH Power Level Calculator is an online tool designed to assist players in accurately evaluating their EDH decks’ power levels. This calculator considers various factors contributing to a deck’s strength and assigns it a score based on these parameters. By utilizing this tool, players can better understand how their deck compares to others and make informed decisions about adjustments and improvements.

EDH is a casual Magic format that has gained immense traction recently. It revolves around 100-card decks where players select a legendary commander to lead their forces. Each card in the deck must be unique, except for basic lands.

Building an EDH deck entails considering various factors, but assessing its power level is crucial. Due to the casual nature of EDH, players often have diverse opinions on what constitutes a powerful deck. This is precisely where the EDH Power Level Calculator proves invaluable.

What Is an EDH Power Level Calculator?

An EDH Power Level Calculator is an online tool enabling players to assess their EDH decks’ power levels accurately. Using a straightforward formula, this calculator calculates a total score based on four fundamental categories: Ramping, Removal, Synergy, and Threats.

The EDH Power Level Calculator offers players a user-friendly interface to evaluate and quantify the strength of their EDH (Elder Dragon Highlander) decks. Designed to provide an objective analysis, this tool assigns a numerical score to each of the four essential aspects of a deck’s performance.

Ramping refers to a deck’s ability to accelerate its available resources, typically mana, to gain an advantage over opponents. With the Ramping category, players can assign a score ranging from 0 to 10, reflecting the deck’s efficiency in generating additional resources.

Removal encompasses a deck’s capacity to handle threats by eliminating problematic cards or permanents from the game. Players can assign a score between 0 and 10 to indicate the deck’s prowess in dealing with opposing threats effectively.

What Is an EDH Power Level Calculator

Synergy gauges the level of harmony and compatibility among the cards within a deck. This category evaluates the extent to which the deck’s cards work together cohesively, creating powerful combinations and synergistic effects. Players can assign a score from 0 to 10 to reflect the deck’s overall synergy.

Threats assess the deck’s ability to present formidable challenges and pressure opponents. A higher score in this category indicates a deck’s proficiency in deploying influential and threatening cards that demand attention and strategic counterplay.

How to Effectively Utilize the EDH Power Level Calculator

Mastering the EDH Power Level Calculator is paramount to enhance your deck-building skills and gain an edge over other players. This tool enables you to assess your Commander deck’s power level accurately. By following a few simple steps, you can determine the overall strength of your deck and identify areas for improvement.

Step-by-Step Guide to Utilizing the EDH Power Level Calculator

Step 1: Evaluate Ramp

The ramp is fundamental to Commander deck-building, allowing you to accelerate your mana production and play your spells more quickly. Assign a score from 0 to 10 based on the efficiency and effectiveness of your ramp cards and strategies. Consider factors such as mana rocks, land fetch cards, and land ramp spells.

Step 2: Assess Removal

Removal spells are essential for dealing with threats posed by your opponents’ creatures, artifacts, enchantments, and other problematic permanents. Evaluate the strength and versatility of your removal package, assigning a score from 0 to 10. Consider targeted removal, board wipes, and any unique options your deck utilizes.

Step 3: Analyze Synergy

Synergy refers to the harmonious interaction between the cards in your deck, allowing you to create powerful combinations and synergistic effects. Evaluate the level of synergy within your deck and assign a score from 0 to 10. Consider how well your cards work together, synergistic themes or mechanics, and any combination or synergistic interactions.

Step 4: Evaluate Threats

Threats are the cards and strategies within your deck that pose a significant challenge to your opponents. Assess your threats’ overall strength and resilience, assigning a score from 0 to 10. Consider the potency of your win conditions, powerful creatures or spells, and any game-changing strategies your deck employs.

Step 5: Calculate and Compare

After assigning scores to each category, click the calculate button to obtain your deck’s average power level score. This score serves as a valuable metric for comparing your deck to others. It provides insights into your deck’s relative strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to make informed decisions for improvement.

Utilizing the EDH Power Level Calculator to Enhance Your Deck

Once you have determined your deck’s power level, you can take strategic steps to optimize its performance. By comparing your score with other players’ decks, you can identify areas where your deck may be lacking and make appropriate adjustments. Here are some ways to utilize the EDH Power Level Calculator to enhance your deck:

If your deck’s ramp score is low, consider including more efficient mana rocks, land-fetching cards, or additional land ramp spells. Improving your ramp capabilities allows you to cast spells faster and gain a significant advantage over your opponents.

If your removal score needs to improve, incorporate more versatile and effective removal spells. Ensure you have answers to different threats, including creatures, artifacts, enchantments, and problematic permanents. This enhances your deck’s ability to control the game and deal with opposing strategies.

If your synergy score could be better, seek out cards that synergize well with your deck’s theme or mechanics. Look for powerful combinations that amplify your deck’s performance and create unique synergistic effects. Maximizing synergy enables you to execute powerful plays and gain an advantage over your opponents.

Should your threat score be lower than desired, explore adding more potent win conditions, powerful creatures, or game-changing strategies to your deck. This ensures that your deck can present formidable challenges to your opponents and increase your chances of victory.

How Does the EDH Power Calculator Work?

In EDH (Elder Dragon Highlander), accurately assessing the power level of a deck is crucial for players. That’s where the EDH Power Calculator comes into play. This powerful tool allows users to determine the strength of their decks based on several key factors. Players can understand their deck’s power level by considering a ramp, removal, synergy, and threats. 

Ramp plays a pivotal role in EDH gameplay, enabling players to amass mana resources and gain a competitive advantage swiftly. Users can assign a numerical score to their deck’s ramp capabilities with our EDH Power Calculator. Players can accurately assess the speed and reliability of their deck’s resource generation by entering a value that reflects how efficiently their deck can produce or accelerate mana production. The higher the ramp score, the greater the deck’s ability to quickly access its powerful spells and overwhelm opponents.

In the ever-evolving EDH metagame, dealing with opponent permanents and interrupting their combos and synergies is paramount. EDH Power Calculator provides a dedicated numerical field for users to evaluate their deck’s removal capabilities. Players can gauge the deck’s control elements by assigning a score that reflects the deck’s ability to eliminate opponent permanents or disrupt their strategies. A higher removal score indicates a more substantial capacity to dismantle opponents’ board states and impede their progress.


Successful EDH decks thrive on the synergy created between their cards. The EDH Power Calculator recognizes the significance of this aspect and offers users a designated numerical field to assess their deck’s synergy potential. Players can evaluate the cohesion and effectiveness of their card choices by assigning a score that reflects the deck’s ability to form powerful combinations and synergistic interactions. A higher synergy score indicates a deck’s propensity to execute powerful combos and create harmonious interactions that bolster its overall performance.

In the competitive realm of EDH, securing victory or placing opponents in precarious positions is vital. The EDH Power Calculator allows users to evaluate their deck’s capacity to emerge as a formidable threat. By assigning a numerical score that reflects the deck’s ability to win games or force opponents into challenging circumstances, players can assess their deck’s overall power level and potential. A higher threat score indicates a deck’s effectiveness in achieving victory and dominance over opponents.

Determining the Overall Power Level

Once users have inputted scores for the fields above, the EDH Power Level Calculator takes center stage. By aggregating all the assigned scores and dividing them by the total number of areas, the calculator derives the average score for the deck. This average score serves as a comprehensive representation of the deck’s overall power level. With this powerful evaluation tool, users can clearly understand their deck’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing for practical evaluation and comparison against other decks in the EDH community.

Final Verdict

The EDH Power Level Calculator revolutionizes the way Magic: The Gathering players evaluate the strength of their EDH decks. This online tool offers an objective assessment that empowers players to optimize their deck’s performance by considering essential categories such as Ramping, Removal, Synergy, and Threats. Embrace this valuable resource, refine your deck-building strategies, and embark on unparalleled enjoyment and success in EDH.

Can I use the EDH Power Level Calculator for formats other than EDH?

The EDH Power Level Calculator is primarily designed for the Elder Dragon Highlander format, but its principles can also be applied to other forms. However, the scoring system may need to be more accurate and applicable to non-EDH decks.

Is the EDH Power Level Calculator a definitive measure of a deck’s strength?

While the EDH Power Level Calculator provides a practical assessment, it should be viewed as a guide rather than a final step of a deck’s strength. Factors such as piloting skill and metagame dynamics influence a deck’s overall performance.

How frequently should I use the EDH Power Level Calculator?

Using the EDH Power Level Calculator periodically can be beneficial, especially when making significant changes to your deck or encountering new opponents. It helps you reassess your deck’s power level and adjust to stay competitive.

Are there any limitations to the EDH Power Level Calculator?

The EDH Power Level Calculator offers a comprehensive evaluation based on the four main categories. However, it may not account for specific deck archetypes or unique strategies that deviate from the standard scoring parameters. Therefore, it is essential to consider the calculator’s results in conjunction with your deck’s intended playstyle.

5. Can the EDH Power Level Calculator be used offline?

The EDH Power Level Calculator is commonly available as an online tool, accessible through various websites and applications. However, finding offline versions or spreadsheets that emulate its functionality may be possible.

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