15 Best Electric Fireplace Ideas with TV Above – Complete Guide

electric fireplace ideas with tv above

An electric fireplace serves as the captivating centrepiece of any room. Choosing the perfect location for your fireplace is a crucial decision, considering its impact on the overall ambience. Do you prefer it to face the room, the living area, or perhaps the windows? Should it be accompanied by a TV or an entertainment system? To help you with this dilemma, we present a collection of electric fireplace ideas with the TV above. These ideas offer warmth and entertainment, ensuring your living room becomes a cosy haven. Immerse yourself in endless possibilities as we explore various electric fireplace ideas with the TV above, transforming your house into a sanctuary of comfort and style. Discover electric fireplace ideas incorporating a TV above, elevating your living room with a cosy ambience and captivating charm.

Discover various room styles, system configurations, wall designs, and other options that will guide you in creating the perfect space for your electric fireplace and TV installation.

At WarmthPedia, we are dedicated to assisting you in selecting one of the best electric fireplace ideas with the TV above as you design your family, basement, or living room.

electric fireplace ideas with tv above

This comprehensive guide presents 15 remarkable design ideas, allowing you to transform an ordinary room into an inviting and visually pleasing space that captivates every family member, providing a cosy retreat throughout the winter season.

While placing a TV above the fireplace may not be your initial preference for configuring your living room, it can yield remarkable results if executed properly.

To ensure a successful outcome, it is essential to remember a few dos and don’ts when hanging a flat-screen TV above an electric fireplace.

15 Electric Fireplace Ideas with TV Above

Electric fireplaces with TVs above them are becoming increasingly popular as they provide a stylish and functional focal point in any room. 

1. Gray Shiplap Wall with a Fireplace Mantel Lighting

The first idea showcases a black electric fireplace mounted on a grey shiplap wall. Black sconces flank the TV to enhance the ambience, and black metal brackets support a rustic light wood mantel. This combination of elements creates a modern and inviting space.

2. Whitewashed Brick Fireplace in a Floor-to-Ceiling Wall

A whitewashed brick fireplace is an excellent choice for those seeking a rustic aesthetic. Pair it with a floor-to-ceiling wall, a recessed electric fireplace, and a white-framed TV above the wood. A black metal mantel, a stained wood block, and a black windmill ceiling fan complete the cosy look.

3. White Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Embrace the elegance of white design by opting for a white wall-mounted electric fireplace. Hang a flat-panel TV above the fireplace and complement the setup with an ivory couch. The room’s colour scheme can be accentuated with a round white coffee table supported by black-painted legs and a light grey rug.

4. Floor-to-ceiling grey Stone Electric Fireplace

Consider a floor-to-ceiling greystone electric fireplace recessed inside the wall for a more contemporary style. The fireplace seamlessly blends with a black floating staircase connecting the house with the living room. A light wood floating hearth adds a touch of warmth to the white couch placed atop an area rug.

5. White Shiplap Fireplace with Beige Frame TV

To create a harmonious winter atmosphere:

  1. Incorporate the environment outside into your living room.
  2. Choose a white shiplap fireplace with a beige-framed TV.
  3. Decorate the space with light wood candle holders and spruce garland with pinecones.

The mantel not only adds aesthetic value but also protects from the heat emitted by the fireplace.

6. TV Above Dry Stack Stone Electric Fireplace

The 6th idea on WarmthPedia showcases a dry stack stone fireplace framed by a stained wood mantel. This design allows the mantel to double as a shelf for books or decorative items. The rustic charm of the dry stack stone adds character and warmth to the room.

7. Wall-mounted TV Above a Contemporary-Styled Fireplace

Opt for a contemporary-styled fireplace built underneath a wall-mounted TV for a sleek and modern look. Whether a natural or false wall with open areas for the fireplace and TV, the combination creates a visually appealing focal point. Shelves and cabinets can be added to enhance the room’s overall ambience.

8. Rustic-styled cabin with a Freestanding TV

Rustic style ideas bring a sense of nostalgia and charm to any space. Create a rustic ambience in your house by incorporating an electric fireplace built underneath a fake chimney, with a freestanding TV mounted above. This combination embodies the classic and timeless appeal of rustic design.

9. Sleek-Styled Wall Mounted TV Above a Recessed Electric Fireplace

In larger rooms, sleek style and comfort go hand in hand. Choose some of the comfiest sofas and pair them with a recessed or built-in electric fireplace. Mount a wall-mounted TV above the fireplace to elevate the cosy atmosphere of the room.

10. Built-in TV Centering a Patterned Fake Wall

Smaller-sized rooms and cabins can be designed to maximize space and aesthetics. Consider a built-in TV centred within a patterned fake wall. The patterns on the wall add visual interest and compensate for the absence of shelves and cabinets.

11. Marble Chimneypiece With Electric Fire

Create a luxurious look with a marble chimneypiece. Although faux, it can be achieved using MDF wood and marble-effect wallpaper. This budget-friendly option adds an expensive-looking touch to your fireplace with a TV above.

12. Wooden Fire Surround With TV

For a statement piece, opt for a handcrafted wooden fire surround with shelving and storage. This design accommodates a TV above and provides additional functionality and visual appeal.

13. Simple White Fireplace with TV Above

Achieve a balanced and visually pleasing look by pairing a sizeable electric fire with a flat-screen TV of similar size. The simplicity of the white fireplace complements the TV, creating a harmonious focal point in the room.

14. Fireplace with LED Backlight

For a unique touch, consider an old-fashioned electric fire with LED backlighting. LED lighting can be installed along the sides of the chimney breast to create a frame effect around the fireplace and TV, adding a modern twist to the setup.

15. Asymmetric Fire Surround

Maximize space in your room by opting for an asymmetric electric fireplace and TV setup. This design provides ample hidden storage and creates a dedicated area for a desk and chair, adding functionality to the room.

Can You Put a TV Above an Electric Fireplace?

One common question that homeowners often ask is whether it’s possible to mount a TV above an electric fireplace. The good news is that, in most cases, it is perfectly safe to do so. Electric fireplaces typically emit heat from the bottom or front, meaning that as long as you maintain an adequate gap between the fireplace and the TV, the heat won’t affect the television.

When positioning a TV above an electric fireplace, it is crucial to allow for sufficient clearance between the two. This clearance will help prevent heat from the fireplace from reaching the television and potentially causing damage. The specific clearance requirements may vary depending on the manufacturer, model, and design of the fireplace and TV.

It is recommended to consult the user manuals or contact the electric fireplace manufacturers and the TV to determine the appropriate clearance distance. By adhering to these specifications, you can ensure that the TV remains excellent and undamaged, even during extended use of the fireplace.

Using a Heat-Resistant Mounting Solution

Consider using a heat-resistant mounting solution to protect your TV from heat exposure further. These specialized mounts are designed to provide an additional layer of insulation between the TV and the heat emitted by the fireplace. By selecting heat-resistant support, you can minimize the risk of heat-related issues and prolong the lifespan of your television.

When choosing a mounting solution, look for products explicitly labelled as heat-resistant or designed for use with fireplaces. These mounts often incorporate materials with high-temperature tolerance and offer enhanced protection for your TV.

Another essential aspect to consider when placing a TV above an electric fireplace is the management of cables and wires. Ensuring the lines are appropriately routed and secured is critical to avoid potential hazards or unsightly tangles.

One option is to conceal the cables within the wall by using in-wall cable management kits or hiring a professional installer. This approach provides a clean and seamless look while minimizing the risk of accidental cable damage. Alternatively, you can use cable covers or raceways to neatly organize and protect the wires, ensuring a tidy appearance.

Optimal Viewing Experience

While it is possible to mount a TV above an electric fireplace, it is essential to consider the viewing experience. Placing the TV at an optimal height and angle will ensure comfortable viewing for extended periods.

When seated, the ideal height for mounting the TV is at or slightly above eye level. This positioning reduces strain on the neck and allows for a more immersive viewing experience. Additionally, tilting the TV downward slightly can help mitigate any potential glare from the fireplace’s reflection, further enhancing the visual quality.

Regular Maintenance and Inspection

Lastly, it is essential to perform regular maintenance and inspections to ensure the longevity and safety of the TV and the electric fireplace. Clean the fireplace regularly to prevent the accumulation of dust and debris, which can affect its performance. Similarly, inspect the TV and its connections periodically to detect any signs of wear or damage.

By incorporating these maintenance practices into your routine, you can optimize the performance of the TV and the electric fireplace while safeguarding their functionality.

Final Verdict

In Verdict, incorporating an electric fireplace with a TV above can transform any space into a cosy and visually appealing environment. By exploring the various design ideas presented in this article, you can find inspiration to create your unique and inviting fireplace and TV combination. Remember to consider your style and the overall ambience you want to achieve in the room.


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