5 Exotic Things to Do on a Monaco Yacht Rental

Monaco Yacht Rental

Monaco is a small sovereign principality located along the Mediterranean Sea, which is also a microstate of the French Riviera. The place is known for its stunning casinos, nightclubs, restaurants, cuisines and luxury yachts. A significant aspect here is the pleasant weather that prevails all round the year. Hence, it witnesses tourists all throughout the year. A trip to this exotic and naturally blessed location is incomplete without going for a yacht ride on the French Riviera. Yacht rental Monaco is all about views, fun, adventure, and ofcourse, good food. Tourists are always amazed by the beauty and vibe of luxury yacht rental in Monaco.  

5 Things to Include on Your Yacht Rental Itinerary in Monaco

Monaco is a prominent yacht charter destination hosting tourists from different corners of the world. Yacht rental Monaco are available in different types, sizes and price ranges. The outstanding beauty of the French Riviera and nearby places enhances the charm of cruising on a yacht. Wondering what other things to look forward to on a yacht rental in Monaco? Let us know about them below:

Enjoy the views

A major reason to rent a yacht in Monaco is to witness some of the breathtaking views. The shimmering sunlit skyscrapers and luxury hotels on the steep hills is a sight to behold from a yacht. The rocky coastline where blue green waves crash against each other looks magical. Watching such mesmerizing views is a soul soothing experience. The night view again has a different vibe to offer. 

Try Savory cuisines

From sweet to savory, Monaco food is the perfect fusion of French and Italian. But while being on a yacht, seafood is a must try. Yacht rentals in Monaco are equipped with a kitchen that is handled by experienced chefs. You may order a range of exotic dishes from the menu and enjoy them hot and fresh. Although it is a paid service, the mouth-watering delicacies onboard are worth trying.    

Underwater Sea Diving

Monaco Yacht

The Monaco waters are a treasure of diverse marine life. Some of the famous species include angler fish, moray eels, scorpion fish, nudibranchs, etc. To discover the underwater terrain underwater sea diving is a popular watersport to be tried on a yacht rental. The costumes and safety gears are provided by the yacht rental company. There will also be a trainer to ensure your safety during the entire time. 

Have a Sunbath

Do you know sunbathing is a healthy practice highly beneficial for the human body? Sunbathing on a yacht in Monaco is a blissful and exotic experience. The yachts have an open deck therein you may sit under the sun and immerse yourself in the natural beauty all around. Some yachts also have hot water pots installed on the deck. 

Watch the Sunset

Monaco Yacht

As the day comes to an end, the blue Monaco skies paint themselves in colors of golden and orange. The sky casts its shadow on the water that adds more beauty to the entire scene. Besides, the cool breeze and the view of the lit up coastline is a delightful sight. Watching the sunset from a yacht is a lifetime experience. 

Apart from abundant beauty and serenity, yacht rental Monaco is also the place to experience an adrenaline rush. From swimming, snorkelling, fishing, underwater diving to a variety of other activities can be enjoyed while cruising on a yacht. If you are looking for the perfect yacht rentals in Dubai to have an exhilarating experience, OneClickDrive is the right platform. Get access to a wide range of yachts to suit your requirements and budget.   


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